Solar EPC Sales Tracking: Setting up your solar CRM app

Fuzen’s CRM for solar projects turns your Google Drive or Gsuite account into a sales tracking platform, fine tuned for the nuances of managing Rooftop solar project sales.

Sales reps send customer data and site survey details using online forms. Details are immediately conveyed to Engineering Team. The design files and proposal is tracked on submission. Project Manager can then review the proposal and send it to the customer.

Setting up your Solar CRM App

Create the sales tracking app within your Fuzen account

Go to the “App Marketplace > Get New App” option in the menu. Here you will see all the apps in the Fuzen marketplace available for free trial. Search for ‘Solar Sales Tracking’.

Fuzen offers a 7 days free trial for this app. You can click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button to start your trial. You can use the app for free for 7 days, without credit cards. Afterwards you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the app.

When you click to ‘Start Free Trial’, Fuzen will attempt to install the app within your Google Drive. So it will try to connect to your Google Drive account. If your Google Drive is not already connected to Fuzen, you will be asked to authorize the required connection. Your authorization will allow Fuzen to add the solar CRM related files and workflows to your Google Drive.

Please provide the required permissions and then again submit the form to create new app.

After providing the required permissions, your Fuzen account will be connected to your Google Drive. Then you can again go to the template for ‘Solar Sales Tracking’ and click on ‘Start Free Trial’.

App is created

When you start your free trial, Fuzen will add the ‘Solar Sales Tracking’ app to your Google Drive. It will also set up the solar CRM dashboard within your Fuzen account.

You can track all your leads and their progress from this dashboard. This dashboard is connected to your Google Drive. 

All the files and data from y0ur CRM is saved in a Google Drive folder connected to your solar CRM dashboard. You will find this Google Drive folder listed as “Solar Sales Tracking – Main Folder” in the left hand menu of your CRM dashboard.

When you click that menu link it will take you to this Google Drive folder.

All the your solar sales pipeline data will be saved in a Google sheet titled ‘Sales Tracking Sheet’. You can access it from the left hand menu as well.

Click the link in the menu to open the Sales Tracking Sheet. Before you start using the CRM, you will need to activate this Google Sheet.

Activate the sales tracking sheet

Sales tracking workflows within the ‘Sales Tracking Sheet’ need to be activated with your authorization in the Google Drive.

First go to the sheet and click on the blue button to activate workflows attached to this sheet.

Google Drive will first ask for your your authorization to run the workflows within the ‘Sales Tracking Sheet’.

Please provide the required permissions.

Then you will see a pop-up asking you to identify the email addresses of your lead engineer and project manager. Lead Engineer’s email address will receive the results of all site surveys done with this app. The engineering design team will refer to the site survey data, prepare their design and then upload the engineering design to Fuzen, which will then be sent to the Project Manager’s email address.

When you have identified the email addresses for lead engineer and project manager. Click on submit. Then you will see that the two forms for ‘Site Survey’ and ‘Engineering Design’ have been connected to the sales tracking sheet.

Next, click on each one of those forms and follow the instructions. Click on the link to “Fix the issues”.

Then you will be taken to the form. Here you will be asked to restore the folders for saving form input files. Click on “Restore” button.

When the folders are restored properly, you will see a success message. That will mean your form has been set up correctly.

Next, repeat the same process for “Engineering Design Form” by going to the Sales Tracking Sheet.

Start using the solar sales tracking app

Finally, this completes the app set up. Now you can start using it. Let’s start by creating a new lead.


Open the lead creation form by clicking on the “Create New Lead” button at the top of the CRM dashboard. Fill out the lead details and save them to create the new lead.